DSM 6 – First impression

DSM 6 was officially released 24 mars 2016 and is now installed on my diskstation. This is my first impression of the new DiskStation Manager 6.


Synology DSM 6 login screen

This is the standard Synology DSM 6 login screen.


The release was in my easter holiday and was automatically updated when I was away. Most of the system was updated and worked just great. What didn’t work was updating of the web server application like MariaDB, WordPress, and phpMyAdmin. Because that application didn’t auto upgrade my private websites didn’t work. Today I’m back from my holiday and after a manual update, my websites is online again. The first setting I changed was automatically updating settings. I have never checked what this meant for me and my though was that DSM would not update a major release. My bad and this is changed to install important DSM upgrades only. With the major release, I want to upgrade when I have time and is home and can fix errors if they occur. This time it was just some websites that was not so much used so no big deal but lesson learned.

First impression

The first impression is that DSM 6 is not that different from DSM 5.2 that was the previous version. The daily use will not change and DSM is still a very good operating system to use. From the Synology forums, it seems the new release is going without big flaws. Some complaint but I don’t see a reason not to upgrade now. Your diskstation will be familiar and the old setup will work. I advise you to take a look at the new backup solutions that I think is great. I will probably write more about that later.

64-bit architecture

The big new feature about DSM 6 is the support of 64-bit architecture. This, of course, requires a 64 bits CPU for fully support. I think this is a right direction to take and the diskstation can be more powerful in the future. Most of the CPU’s are not 64 bit today, but some new diskstation have it and the new DSM will fully support them. I think we will see more of 64 bits CPU in the future.

 Service Modularization

DSM 6 is now leaner and have made modules of non-essential services. This will give us fewer updates of DSM and we can choose what we want to install on our diskstation. I think this is great since an update of DSM will reboot the machine. To update software/application will not give us downtime.

Some more key feature

  • Btrfs file system
  • New mail application named Mailplus (only available on + series like DS1515+)
  • Some application like Cloud station, Video Stations, and Note station have a big update.
  • Hyper Backup. A new backup system.

For more info, you can read more at Synology about DSM 6. You can also read the user guide from Synology.

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